The Top 10 Most Read Supply & Demand Chain Executive Articles in 2019

Supply & Demand Chain Executive has been covering each aspect of the supply chain this year, allowing readers to have a range of topics to dive into.

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The supply chain has drastically changed this year as more companies adopted emerging technologies to keep up with the e-commerce boom. Meanwhile, the driver shortage is still in effect, challenging logistics operations across the globes.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive has been covering each aspect of the supply chain this year, allowing readers to have a range of topics to dive into.

Below are the top 10 most read SDCE articles in 2019.

10.) Supplier Review Meetings: A 5-Step Process to Running a Review Meeting

Whether we want to believe it or not, supplier review meetings are an essential part to the supply chain. Author Jonathan O’Brien notes that the meetings allow companies to manage strategic relationships with suppliers more effective.

9.) Introducing Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2019 Pros to Know

The beginning of the year allows Supply & Demand Chain Executive to highlight some of the leading supply chain professionals in the industry. The 2019 Pros to Know award recognizes Provider Pros and Practitioner Pros, including teams. The recipients embody the commitment to transformative supply chain tools and processes, earning these individuals a rightful place in this year’s listing.

You can apply for the 20th annual Pros to Know award here.

8.) Reduce Scrap and Rework Costs

Scrap and rework is defined as material that is added into production but is not part of a finished product. However, even the top performing organizations are not able to get down to zero percent for these materials.

Our friends at APQC detail on how to ensure manufacturing processes are lean and in control so that scrap and reworked materials are eliminated from supply chains.

7.) The Rise of Online Shopping Explained

Online sales are rapidly accelerating, causing traditional brick-and-mortar sales to close. This article details on why people prefer shopping online and what this means for the retail supply chain.

6.) A. Duie Pyle Hit by Ransomware Attack

2019 was a year of cyberattacks and no one in the supply chain was safe. In June, A. Duie Pyle was hit by a ransomware attack that impacted its network communication systems. Fortunately, its operating systems and backups were not invaded or compromised. However, the attack left many companies wondering if they were protected in such event.

5.) The Demise of the Trucking Industry

It has been a tough few years for the trucking industry, and 2019 was no different. Just this year, over 8,000 truckers have lost their jobs as freight companies suddenly shut down. On average, the companies had around 30 drivers, resulting in over 20,000 trucks being removed from the roads.

In our fifth most read article in 2019, we dive into some of the biggest names that have closed down and what that means for the industry as we enter a new decade.

4.) Six Key Trends Changing the Supply Chain Management Today

Supply chain spending continues to be on the upswing as technology and process upgrades at forward-thinking companies demonstrate that you need a functional supply chain in order to have a successful business. This article highlights six trends that will companies re-evaluate current processes and performances.

3.) 5 Supply Chain Professionals You Need to Know

Each year Supply & Demand Chain Executive recognizes supply chain professionals in our annual Pros to Know award (see above for our ninth most read article in 2019). The listing of individuals includes professionals have helped their supply chain clients or the community at large to prepare and meet significant challenges. As we enter the end of the year, supply chain professionals continue to stand out in the own right. In this article, we showcase five Pros that we think you should know going into 2020.

2.) 5 Must Read Books on Supply Chain Management

Supply chain is a difficult function to master. Fortunately, there are several ways that you’re able to educate yourself in order to stay on top. In this article, Supply & Demand Chain Executive lists five must-read books on supply chain management that will add to a professional’s experience and improve strategies.

1.) Trump Administration Aims to End Mandatory Rest Periods for Truckers

In the seven years since the government placed a mandatory 30-minute rest break for all drivers, the trucking industry has been working to end it. In July, the Department of Transportation began quietly working on ways to end the mandatory rest periods – or at least make them more flexible.