Jeco Debuts RFID-Ready Pallets

Available in several configurations, pallets offer built-in protection for costly tags

Available in several configurations, pallets offer built-in protection for costly tags

Plainfield, IN — July 12, 2006 — Pallet and container company Jeco Plastic Products has debuted a new radio frequency ID-ready pallet that allows for permanent RFID tagging and offers built-in protection for costly tags.

A designer and manufacturer of plastic pallets and containers for the printing and automotive industries, Jeco is debuting its RFID-Ready Pallets in a variety of configurations. Permanent RFID tagging can be accomplished by molding passive RFID tags directly into the pallets, which include a slot specifically to accept a tag.

Jeco said that because its pallets are rotationally molded of linear low-density polyethylene, RFID slots in the pallets can be designed to accept and protect costly RFID tags in a number of ways. The tag slots in the pallets can be oriented in the mold to maximize readability and to protect the tag from damage associated with specific warehousing issues, Jeco said.

In announcing the product enhancement, Jeco CEO Craig Carson commented: "Jeco RFID-Ready Pallets provide a unique solution to problems associated with attaching and protecting expensive RFID tags in modern warehouse environments. Jeco pallet designers are available to advise warehouse designers and make specific recommendations regarding the best way to take advantage of the latest technology."

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