GXS Launches Accounting Package Accelerators

New service enables integration between GXS trading grid and 37 accounting programs

New service enables integration between GXS trading grid and 37 accounting programs

Gaithersburg, MD — July 24, 2006 — GXS, a provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, today announced the availability of GXS Accounting Package Accelerators, an out-of-the-box service that enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to integrate e-commerce transactions with many of today's popular accounting software packages.

With GXS Accounting Package Accelerators, businesses' electronic data interchange (EDI)-based transactions are automatically entered into their accounting systems, making the accounting integration process more efficient, increasing employee productivity and reducing data errors. GXS said its Accounting Package Accelerators are a unique hosted accounting integration solution, available to businesses worldwide.

GXS Accounting Package Accelerators contain pre-built maps to the GXS Trading Grid, GXS' global integration platform that enables and streamlines cross-enterprise business processes. These maps adhere to enterprise EDI requirements, enabling SMBs to trade with global partners without having to purchase additional technology or undertake additional programming activities. Through automatic accounting integration of B2B e-commerce transactions, companies benefit from a reduction in errors arising from re-keying information, less time spent on reconciliation of errors and increased accounting accuracy.

As one of Eastern Canada's leading manufacturers of Pita Bread, Bagels and Tortilla Wraps, our business has grown and expanded dramatically since its founding in 1989. GXS Accounting Package Accelerators is making our business more efficient through the automatic integration of e-commerce transactions with our accounting system, said Kelli Bell, Finance manager of Fancy Pokket. The manual entry of data from our EDI transactions into our accounting system has been a constant and necessary evil for 17 years. Since implementing this service, we have completely eliminated the time-consuming process of manually entering EDI data into our accounting program. This has allowed our staff to focus more time on core business operations and reduced the number of data errors. For a small business like ours, this efficiency increase goes straight to the bottom line.

GXS Accounting Package Accelerators are the result of the company's technology partnership with eBRIDGE Software Inc., the market leader in accounting integration solutions. To create the service, GXS combined eBRIDGE's accounting integration software solutions with the GXS Trading Grid. Accounting Package Accelerators can be installed within minutes and require virtually no ongoing maintenance, allowing businesses with limited IT staffs and budgets to fully leverage its benefits. The service supports 37 popular accounting programs, including PeachTree, Microsoft Dynamics, ACCPAC, MAS, QuickBooks and Sage. Accounting Package Accelerators are priced according to the type of accounting package implemented.

EDI is critical to the SMB as a means to enable them to trade with larger partners, and survive in today's highly-competitive global B2B environment. While Fortune 500 companies have enjoyed the benefits of seamless integration between EDI and accounting systems, this capability may have been out of reach for SMBs, said Steve Keifer, vice president of industry and product marketing for GXS. GXS Accounting Package Accelerators removes many operational barriers for the SMB. Not only have we made this integration service accessible through its low cost, easy installation and maintenance, but also the connection to the GXS Trading Grid makes it more efficient for SMBs to do business with their enterprise partners.