Asset-tracking Solution from PRISYMID

Aims to give managers a "real-time" view of every stage of the supply chain

Aims to give managers a "real-time" view of every stage of the supply chain

Charlotte, NC — July 24, 2006 — Coordinating the diverse elements in the supply chain is a constant challenge, but PRISYMID Inc. is offering an asset-tracking solution to link them all into a unified process.

The company's PRISYM Track solution aims to give managers a "real-time" view of every stage of the supply chain, from receiving raw materials through to ultimate customer delivery.

Time spent searching for fixed assets or products can adversely affect the bottom line of any business, PRISYMID said. By using radio frequency identification (RFID) and barcode technology, PRISYM Track was designed to maintain the supply of goods to the end customer and identify where those goods are located at all times, according to PRISYMID. The solution also aims to improve inventory management through stock valuations and expiry date recordings.

PRISYM Track integrates into existing enterprise resource planning and manufacturing resource planning (ERP/MRP) or other back-office warehouse management systems where accurate scheduling, route planning and loading are priorities. PRISYM label design and print management solutions are also an integral part of the software.

PRISYMID said it provides turnkey systems that include the essential hardware to capture, record, analyze and report information gained via RFID technology. These include handheld scanners, truck-mounted terminals and PDTs. PRISYM Track also uses the latest in mobile computing through Wi-Fi and GPRS technology, the solution provider said.

This solution can therefore help to eliminate the tedious, often inaccurate, paper-based systems that are fast-becoming outdated in the world of modern logistics.

"The efficiency and accuracy of PRISYM Track software therefore not only eliminates human error, but also increases productivity by reducing time and cost spent in managing the supply chain," the solution provider said.