APL Logistics First Foreign Firm to Secure Kaohsiung License

Free Trade Zone facility expected to add value to customers' supply chains

Free Trade Zone facility expected to add value to customers' supply chains

Taipei, Singapore — July 25, 2006 — Global supply chain company APL Logistics has announced that it is the first international logistics provider to obtain a license to operate in Taiwan's Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone (FTZ).

The license is expected to enable APL Logistics to offer more streamlined and flexible supply chain services to Taiwan-based customers, as well as international customers seeking to optimize their supply chains through hub solutions.

The FTZ was created to promote Taiwan as an Asia Pacific operational headquarters for global companies.

The FTZ license was granted to APL Logistics earlier this year, and the company has conducted successful live trials with customers from its Kaohsiung Berth 68 and 69 flow centers for several months. APL Logistics provides customers with a logistics solution that includes ocean forwarding, brokerage, warehousing value-added services and document management.

APL Logistics commented that the FTZ provides numerous benefits, including simplified customs procedures; exemption of duty, commodity and sales taxes; most activities areexempt from Customs checking, inspection and escort; and free movement of commodities within the Kaohsiung FTZ and between other FTZs in Taiwan.

Importantly, whereas many FTZs in other countries only allow simple processes such as packaging to take place, Kaohsiung allows activities such as manufacturing and assembly.

Brian Lutt, president of APL Logistics, said, Our brand new facilities, coupled with the special benefits offered by the FTZ, add great value to our customers' supply chains that will help them grow their businesses. The FTZ will become a central component of our integrated global logistics infrastructure.

Wong Siew Loong, managing director of APL Logistics in Taiwan, said: Since being granted the license, APL Logistics has helped many of its customers leverage the Kaohsiung FTZ facility to optimize their supply chains. We are delighted with the interest it has generated with our customers.

The FTZ is located at Kaohsiung Port, which is East Asia's major relay hub offering fast and cost-effective connections throughout Asia Pacific.

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