SYSPRO Software Extends Concept of SOA to B2B, B2C Trading

Provider removes technology hurdles for mid-market manufacturers, distributors to do business via the Internet

Provider removes technology hurdles for mid-market manufacturers, distributors to do business via the Internet

Costa Mesa, CA — July 28, 2006 — SYSPRO, a leading producer of enterprise software for SMB manufacturers and distributors, has announced that SYSPRO CyberStore, a next generation e-commerce application, further extends the concept of service-oriented architecture (SOA) to the application of B2B and B2C trading.

SYSPRO ERP (enterprise resource planning) and SYSPRO CyberStore, ostensibly two separate environments, talk to each other through .Net Remoting and SOA to facilitate B2B and B2C transactions. From a user's perspective, the system is one.

According to Joey Benadretti, president, SYSPRO USA, "Mid-market manufacturers and distributors can gain potential benefits by doing business via the Internet. However, there are technology hurdles that inhibit this; in most cases linking the ERP system and the e-commerce system requires costly integration.

Benadretti explained that the out-of-the-box solution integrates SYSPRO ERP system with a B2B and B2C e-commerce solution. By applying the concept of SOA and using SYSPRO Business Components to do queries and updates into the underlying SYSPRO ERP system, SYSPRO customers can go straight to market with the SYSPRO CyberStore.

SYSPRO CyberStore is an integrated real-time system that provides business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce functionality. When a Web customer queries an inventory item, the information displayed is the live SYSPRO information. When the customer is ready to buy at anytime of the day or night, all the information relating to the transaction is passed to the SYSPRO Order Entry Business Component, and this Component processes the information as if someone was entering the information via a keyboard.

SYSPRO said CyberStore offers the standard features expected from a comprehensive e-commerce system, including stock availability, enhanced product descriptions, product search, unlimited product categories, order status and order history reviews. In addition to delivering e-commerce functionality in a single solution, SYSPRO CyberStore facilitates the promotion of "hot buys" and/or "featured items." The new solution enables buyers to make purchases with all major credit cards and supports multiple payment gateways.

When existing SYSPRO customers log onto the site, parameters relating to information such as discounts and contract pricing are accessed in SYSPRO accounting to ensure the correct trading terms are applied. These customers have the option of buying on account or paying by credit card. Furthermore, SYSPRO CyberStore automatically calculates shipping charges and sales taxes, allows all site visitors to store preferences and automatically sends email confirmations.

SYSPRO said the business benefits from SOA also include improved time-to-market, more responsive customer service and increased visibility in the face of changing regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and FDA requirements. SOA provides risk-reduction by controlling business processes and can be configured to provide auditable information trails to better comply with state, government and FDA regulatory standards.