NS Group, Rock-Tenn Target Profit Optimization

Manufacturers sign up for profit optimization solution from Maxager

Manufacturers sign up for profit optimization solution from Maxager

San Francisco — July 28, 2006 — Profit optimization solution provider Maxager Technology has reeled in two new customers, adding Rock-Tenn Company and NS Group to its client list.

Norcross, Ga.-based Rock-Tenn is one of North America's top manufacturers of packaging products, merchandising displays and recycled paperboard. The company operates manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile, and it employs approximately 8,800 people.

Newport, Ky.-headquartered NS Group is a supplier of tubular products to the energy market. Its products are utilized in oil and natural gas drilling and production applications and are referred to as oil country tubular goods, or OCTG.

Maxager offers solutions for what it calls enterprise profit optimization (EPO), designed to help chemicals, metals, electronics and other complex manufacturers increase cash and profit by uncovering profit gain opportunities that are obscured by traditional "margin only" analysis. The solutions use both margin and production velocity information to analyze history and generate forward modeling intended to provide management teams with a higher level of control over return on assets (ROA).

The solution provider said that the forward-looking modeling capabilities in its offerings help manufacturers proactively manage profits, not just analyze historical data. "After spending the last decade implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, manufacturers now have large databases of transactional data that can be leveraged for higher profitability," said Michael Rothschild, founder and CEO of Maxager. "Maxager helps organizations such as Rock-Tenn and NS Group analyze that data to make far more profitable business decisions."

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