TAGSYS Embeds WebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure

Updates portfolio of item-level readers, aims to reduce complexities of deploying item-level RFID infrastructure, improve read rates

Updates portfolio of item-level readers, aims to reduce complexities of deploying item-level RFID infrastructure, improve read rates

Cambridge, MA — August 8, 2006 — Radio frequency identification technology provider TAGSYS has embedded IBM's WebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure (WRDI) into its line of high-frequency (HF) item-level readers, aiming to reduce the complexities of deploying item-level RFID infrastructure.

The WRDI-enabled readers offer an item-level infrastructure solution for WebSphere users that ensures read rates of up to six sigma, according to TAGSYS. The WRDI-enabled TAGSYS readers are designed to filter data and eliminate bad and multiple reads of items, helping to ensure that "clean" data is delivered to the customers' next layer in the system, such as middleware and databases.

IBM's WRDI is an environment for deploying distributed applications directly on intelligent readers, and it acts as a common interface between RFID hardware and enterprise software. With WRDI, TAGSYS said its line of HF item-level readers, including its 3-D tunnels, handheld and short-, medium- and long-range readers can be used with any combination of WebSphere based enterprise servers without additional configuration.

Reducing Complexity

"The collaboration with IBM significantly reduces the complexities of deploying item-level RFID infrastructure and sends a strong message to enterprises that they can expect high levels of performance when dealing with RFID, which they may have struggled with previously," said Elie Simon, CEO of TAGSYS.

TAGSYS said its customers using WRDI-enabled item-level RFID readers can now manage the incoming data within a single common architecture. The integration of TAGSYS's hardware, tags and reader systems with WebSphere allows users to use data based on the individual requirements of various RFID-specific business processes, the solution provider said.

"IBM's WebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure greatly simplifies implementation and ongoing management of truly distributed RFID applications," said Scott Burroughs, solutions executive for sensor and actuator solutions at IBM. "The collaboration with TAGSYS now enables users to more easily innovate and achieve distributed business processes that provide the key to maximizing the power of RFID technology to drive real ROI, on top of a robust middleware platform."

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