RFID Training and Certification for Canada

EPCglobal Canada, RFID4U to jointly offer courses to help attendees integrate EPC/RFID into their organizations

EPCglobal Canada, RFID4U to jointly offer courses to help attendees integrate EPC/RFID into their organizations

Toronto — August 14, 2006 — EPCglobal Canada is teaming up with RFID4U, the country's largest radio frequency identification training company, in a multi-year partnership to jointly offer RFID training including CompTIA RFID+ certification courses.

EPCglobal Canada is a subsidiary of GS1 Canada, the not-for-profit, industry-led GS1 member organization that promotes and maintains global standards for the identification of goods.

Under the scope of their agreement, EPCglobal and RFID4U will offer various RFID training and certification courses throughout Canada. The courses are intended to provide attendees with tools to effectively integrate EPC/RFID into their organizations to meet their business objectives.

"After extensive research, we found that RFID4U's offerings most effectively meet the training needs of our Canadian subscribers, members, end users and service providers," said Jack Brooks, vice president for business and sector development at EPCglobal Canada. "We ultimately selected RFID4U as our training and certification partner because of their experienced team and quality courseware."

"EPCglobal Canada partnership allows us to offer RFID4U's world-class RFID learning solutions at a very broad scale in Canada, which can empower businesses to use RFID technology to harness information, turn data into insight, transform ideas into action and turn change into opportunity," said Sanjiv Dua, CEO of RFID4U.

The complete schedule of courses will be available on both the organizations' Web sites.

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