AI-Powered Global Customs Clearance Control Tower

KlearHub is a cloud-based platform that redefines the digitization of international trade documentation management.

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KlearNow.AI launched KlearHub, a cloud-based platform that redefines the digitization of international trade documentation management.

"KlearHub is an innovative solution to the challenges that international supply chain managers face - fragmented data from various sources, complex system integrations, and outdated document management practices," says Sam Tyagi, co-founder and CEO at KlearNow.AI. "With KlearHub, we're bringing forth a new AI-driven paradigm—one that creates seamless supply chain connectivity and data transparency without the need to integrate systems."

Key takeaways:

  • KlearHub uses artificial intelligence (AI) to seamlessly ingest and consolidate necessary documentation across all customs brokers and supply chain partners without complex integration. It also provides document storage and shipment visibility, regardless of the source.
  • KlearHub leverages the company's robust software and opens the functionality by using AI/machine learning (ML) to structure shipment information across all parties, customs brokers, and logistics partners, becoming a true co-pilot for global supply chain operations. The platform effortlessly integrates into existing email chains, eliminating the need for complex setups enabling businesses to quickly adapt with minimal downtime. KlearHub's proprietary AI leverages 5 years of experience to accurately identify documents at a 99% classification rate, extracting every data point for in-depth reporting, and ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced productivity and streamlined operations.
  • Using KlearHub, all trade document data is reportable using customizable dashboards and natural language processing to search and analyze data as easily as conducting a web search. This intuitive interface ensures supply chain managers can quickly and effortlessly find necessary information without wading through the typical complexity of global trade management systems.