Supply Chain Convergence in a Disruptive Environment

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In a disruptive environment, misalignment in the supply chain can amplify problems. Amidst the current perfect storm of inflation, shortages and disruptions, GEP partnered with the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at North Carolina State University (NCSU) to conduct a study among procurement and supply chain professionals across a variety of industries to determine what strategies were being employed and what priorities were in focus to help ensure supply chain resilience and optimization.    

Highly Concerning Gaps in the Supply Chain:

The study examined the significant and concerning points of disconnection — or gaps — in the supply chain. These are areas where gaps in process, information flow and technology often result in a drag on the supply chain’s productivity and optimization.

Out of all the supply chain executives surveyed, 59% rated the procurement and supply chain gap as a “major issue”. This was rated as the No. 1 gap in the supply chain according to the survey, out of the nine common gaps examined.

Procurement sometimes is defined in a larger scope, but for the purpose of simplicity and consistency in this study, the term is used to refer to the source-to-contract process and the organization which performs these activities.