3M Advances Food Safety Testing

Food safety is top of mind today and 3M pushes it forward with a new testing product.

nobeastsofierce/Adobe Stock

3M released its new Environmental Scrub Sampler as food safety remains an important part of the industry, as the country starts to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic. The device collects samples from surfaces in food processing environments. The microbial sampling device uses acrylic scrub dot technology, which disrupts the biofilm as well as enhances sample collection. 

Per 3M

  • [The device] comes with or without a stick to easily access hard-to-reach spaces and is hydrated with proprietary 3M Wide Spectrum Neutralizer for effective neutralization of sanitizers commonly used in the food industry.
  • The 3M Environmental Scrub Sampler with 10 mL Wide Spectrum Neutralizer addresses four critical challenges faced in food safety testing: neutralizing solution effectiveness, test method compatibility with neutralizing solution and biofilm disruption and bacterial pickup. 

"The 3M Environmental Scrub Sampler is the first and only sample collection device and neutralizing solution to receive AOAC Performance Tested MethodSM certification," said Elliott Zell, 3M Food Safety global new product marketing manager. "Sample collection is an integral part of all proactive environmental monitoring strategies, so we designed and validated a sampling solution that effectively neutralizes a wide range of sanitizing agents commonly found in the food industry to support our customers' sampling and testing strategies."