China Chemical Supply Chain Forum 2015

March 25, 2015
March 26, 2015
Phone:0086 150 2642 6545

The optimized supply chain has been a core competitiveness for chemical industry, but because of behindhand management and facility in China, chemical supply chain mismatches the rapid development of chemical industry. Fortunately, many chemical players in China has realized it and will pay more attention to supply chain to improve their performance. However, due to complexity and uncertainty of supply chain, there are inevitable to come out challenge as well as opportunity. In addition, with modifications of related laws and regulations, there are new requirements for chemical transportation, storage and so on.

Based on the background, this conference will bring government officials, related associations and leading chemical producers to analyze the updated policy, market trends, challenge and opportunity. We are honored to provide such a platform for chemical industry and we are looking forward to your participation! 

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