Propel Looks to Ease Supplier Tasks for Manufacturers

Propel hopes to reduce friction when it comes to supplier management through a new supplier community solution.

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Propel launches a new solution on salesforce, named Propel Supplier Community, to improve collaboration for manufacturers and suppliers. The goal is for a frictionless experience for onboarding, performance monitoring and collaboration in regards to management supplier relationships on a digital platform with a secure environment. As sourcing and procurement continue to be and grow as an important part of the supply chain, more companies look to collaboration technology to better serve their operations. 

Per Businesswire

The Propel Supplier Community will be available in calendar Q1 2022 and enables:

  • A secure environment for collaboration between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and authenticated suppliers to safeguard intellectual property
  • An intuitive and configurable role-based user experience to facilitate broad supplier adoption
  • Embedded communication associated with the product definition to capture knowledge in context and improve decision-making
  • Supplier-initiated change requests to reduce design and change cycle times
  • Flexible pricing for OEMs featuring user-based licensing for strategic suppliers and usage-based licensing for operational suppliers to reduce cost of ownership
  • Access for contract manufacturers (CMs) and support for a range of business models: Build-to-stock (BTS), engineer-to-order (ETO), and configure-to-order (CTO)
  • Closed loop quality management through continuous feedback to improve product quality, reduce warranty expense, and speed issue resolution cycle time

“As manufacturers are constantly challenged to balance risk mitigation, design innovation and cost management, Propel’s Supplier Community enables our customers to extend the value of Product 360 to their strategic and operational suppliers,” said Ray Hein, co-founder and CEO, Propel. “By removing the friction that external users typically confront, this new solution will help manufacturers to easily onboard and collaborate with suppliers anywhere in the world.”