CIMdata’s Dr. Suna Polat to Host Collaboration Workshop

CIMdata’s Dr. Suna Polat will host a workshop examining innovation as an inherently social process

CIMdata, Inc.

Ann Arbor, Mich.Nov. 7, 2014CIMdata, Inc., a global product lifecycle management (PLM) strategic management consulting and research firm, announced that Dr. Suna Polat, director of the Collaborative Innovation & Social Product Development Consulting Practice, will be hosting a workshop in conjunction with CoDev 2015, which takes place February 9 through 11, 2015, in Scottsdale, Ariz. Dr. Polat will host the pre-conference deep-dive workshop Strategies, Tools and Technologies to Maximize Connectivity, Collaboration and Innovation.  In this workshop, Dr. Polat will examine innovation as an inherently social process, requiring collaboration at every stage of bringing a new idea to market.

With advances in social, mobile, and cloud technologies, there are now better ways to increase connectivity and collaboration in support of an organization's business and innovation goals. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn proven strategies tools, and technologies to help:

  • Generate better ideas.
  • Address problems faster.
  • Accelerate time to market with new innovations.
  • Leverage collective intelligence for better decisions.

Dr. Polat will review commercial solutions as well as practices being used by industry leaders to achieve these results, and she will answer questions that are posed by workshop attendees.

“It is a given that to stay competitive, companies need to increase innovation, improve development efficiency and reduce costs,” said Polat. “Open innovation, crowdsourcing, co-creation, which all involve collaboration as a key element, are now mainstream. Yet, there are still challenges in achieving the full potential of these approaches.  In this workshop, through examples and group dialog, we will explore strategies, tools, and technologies that may help overcome these challenges and open pathways to better and more efficient innovation.”

Dr. Polat has nearly 25 years of experience in technology development, product development, innovation management, implementation of strategic innovation capabilities—including modeling and simulation, open innovation, knowledge management and social technologies—and driving change and adoption, through her career at Procter & Gamble (P&G) and with her own consulting practice thereafter.

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