Claudel Lingerie Improves Collaboration, Eliminates Redundancies

With its enterprise apparel software from Momentis, Claudel Lingerie rationalized internal processes and maximized efficiency

MontrealNov. 6, 2013—Founded in 1967, Montreal-based ladies' wear manufacturer and importer Claudel Lingerie historically leveraged high-quality products and advanced technology to outshine its competition. Comprised of business units in Canada, the U.S. and China, Claudel Lingerie sells its products through its own stores, as well as a network of top-tier retailers across North America. To maintain its competitive edge, just over a year ago, Claudel decided to replace its internal systems with software developed by global enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider Momentis Systems.

Claudel's once-unique business model involves consigning products to stores, meaning that Claudel maintains ownership of the goods until they are sold. With no available off-the-shelf software that fit this model, for the past 30 years, Claudel relied on an internally developed ERP system maintained by a full-time, on-site programmer.

When software providers recently began serving this niche, Claudel decided it was time for an upgrade and started looking for a professional ERP system. Paramount to deciding on the Momentis Fashion System was finding a system that would improve communication and collaboration among Claudel's international business units. Previously, Canadian designs were exported, printed, scanned and then emailed to China where they were re-entered into another system before production commenced. This process required the completion of repetitive tasks and created numerous opportunities for human error.

All of that changed since going live with Momentis.

"With one centralized system spanning the globe, all data entered in Canada is now instantly accessible in China," said Francois Lapierre, president of Claudel Lingerie. "Instead of simply pushing out information, we can now collaborate between Canada and China on design. And thanks to Momentis, we are now live 24/7—when the Canadian office closes, the Chinese office is opening, so we can get things done around the clock."

With its enterprise apparel software from Momentis, Claudel rationalized internal processes and maximized efficiency. Claudel is successfully using Momentis product lifecycle management (PLM) to streamline product design, development and costing; electronic data interchange (EDI) to enhance selling capabilities; and financials to simplify financial reporting and gain organization-wide visibility.


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