ARCOP Secures Intesource Partnership for Next Two Years

Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc.’s supply chain cooperative increases savings and procurement value

PhoenixMay 2, 2013—After securing significant savings in both direct and indirect spend in 2012, ARCOP Inc., the supply chain cooperative of Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., extended its sourcing partnership with Intesource, an e-sourcing provider in the restaurant, retail and grocery industries, for an additional two years.

“With food costs rising and consumers less willing to tolerate higher prices, the pressure is on restaurant procurement teams to control costs,” said Len Kaplan, Vice President of Sales at Intesource. “Restaurants need to look beyond food prices to identify other areas for savings. Our customers are always shocked by how much they can save on categories like advertising, maintenance, and equipment to name a few."

In 2012, ARCOP partnered with Intesource to identify and secure new savings and efficiencies throughout its supply chain and control costs in the face of rising food price and stagnant industry growth. By leveraging Intesource’s e-sourcing technology and service team, ARCOP was able to drive double-digit savings for several categories.

“By integrating e-sourcing as part of our ongoing procurement strategy, we’ve taken our sourcing process to the next level,” said Les Karel, Senior Vice President of Indirect Sourcing and Distribution, ARCOP. “With Intesource, we’ve been able to unlock new opportunities for savings and expand the value of the supply chain across the entire organization.”

ARCOP’s renewal was driven by Intesource’s industry-leading responsiveness and service levels; and its flexible, comprehensive sourcing platform. Intesource enables ARCOP’s lean procurement team to increase the number of sourcing projects it runs while decreasing the average time for each event. Additionally, Intesource provides a centralized and accessible hub for ARCOP’s procurement data, giving the organization a valuable resource for future sourcing events.

“Our corporate and franchise members rely on us to continually deliver new savings and efficiencies,” said Keith Anderkin, Senior Vice President of Procurement and Supply Management, ARCOP. “With the help of Intesource’s experienced professional services team, we can ensure we’re providing the best possible value.”

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