JDA Software Opens Midwest Data Center

Expansion meets customer demand for service delivery and cloud deployment capabilities

Scottsdale, Ariz.July 24, 2012—In response to growing demand for its service delivery and cloud deployment capabilities, JDA Software Group Inc., a global provider of supply chain management, merchandising and pricing excellence solutions, opened a state of the art data center in Kansas City, Mo., extending the company’s ability to deploy JDA Cloud Services.

“The last three years demonstrated that our customers benefit when we deliver JDA solutions via our cloud platform,” said Hamish Brewer, President and Chief Executive Officer, JDA Software. “We believe an increasing number of customers will be moving their supply chain solutions to the cloud and we are uniquely positioned to help them. The new data center substantially increases our capability to make our cloud platform the primary delivery channel for our customers.”

JDA alliance member Layered Technologies Inc. (Layered Tech), which owns and operates the center, will assist JDA with deployments; trouble shooting; issue detection and resolution; and help set up virtual environments in support of JDA end-user clients.

“JDA is on the leading edge of delivering advanced solutions to their clients,” said Jack Finlayson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Layered Tech. “We are excited about the growth of our partnership with JDA and look forward to supporting JDA’s continued expansion in Kansas City.”

The Kansas City data center provides a rich ecosystem of world-class space, capacity and performance in the cloud to drive improved performance for their business. The new data center provides JDA with two separately located sites within the U.S. for added capabilities for global site recovery.

“JDA believes fundamentally that we can enhance our customers’ business results by delivering our solutions to them utilizing our Cloud platform,” said Joseph King, Senior Vice President, Cloud Services, JDA Software. “As such, it is the business solutions that leverage our cloud platform that remain our primary focus because delivering substantial new value to our customers drives our business most effectively in these challenging times. In this respect, our new data center strengthens our delivery capability and provides the necessary infrastructure to support a substantial expansion of our cloud business over the coming years.”