Descartes Unveils New Android-Based Mobile Solution

MobileLink extended to Android mobile platform

Cincinnati—May 1, 2012Descartes Systems Group’s MobileLink GPS-based solution for managing mobile workers is now available on the Android operating system. Combined with Descartes' cloud-based wireless global logistics network and routing applications, MobileLink enables dynamic dispatching and tracking of drivers and other resources in the field to improve fleet performance and customer service.

“MobileLink, our proven mobility solution for managing thousands of drivers and mobile workers, is now available on the world's most widely deployed mobile platform,” said Sergio Torres, Vice President Product Management Descartes. “Using Android, we have extended the mobile capabilities and device choices available for our customers.”

MobileLink for Android is a GPS-based solution for managing pick-up and delivery operations, and is part of Descartes' Routing, Mobile and Telematics suite. The solution provides route sequences, route status, vehicle tracking and dynamic dispatching.

Through Descartes' cloud-based Wireless Global Logistics Network, MobileLink communicates bi-directionally, in real-time, with Descartes' route planning and execution solutions and customer backend systems. With MobileLink, companies have better visibility into the real-time actions of their drivers and field workers and the ability to make changes in-route.

“Our vision for integrated routing, mobile and telematics solutions involves more powerful and interactive mobile solutions that communicate in real-time, with greater availability to a wider array of logistics and field workers,” said Ken Wood, Senior Vice President Product Management Descartes. “Android is a powerful, low-cost platform to build elegant but sophisticated applications on, and is at the forefront of the mobile revolution.”