La Tortilla Factory Takes a Bite Out of ERP

Baker selects DEACOM ERP to strengthen process control


Baker selects DEACOM ERP to strengthen process control

Wayne, PA — July 14, 2006 — La Tortilla Factory, headquartered in Santa Rosa, Calif., said this week it has chosen the DEACOM Accounting & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System to integrate its entire food manufacturing operations in order to maximize productivity and profitability.

La Tortilla Factory, the first baker to introduce fat-free and low-carb tortillas to the market, will utilize the DEACOM ERP software system to control inventory levels, access sales order information online, manage formulas and reduce existing manual processes such as EDI order imports and customer relationship management (CRM).

With all the growth in the past few years, our manual process control systems have become cumbersome and not very cost effective, explained Stan Mead, chief financial officer of La Tortilla Factory. We need the integrated DEACOM software system to improve and automate process control in sales, purchasing, inventory, lot tracking and accounting. With Deacom's outstanding track record of service and support, we are confident that we'll reach our goal.

As a complete business solution for process and mixed-mode manufacturers, the DEACOM software system manages the unique business process issues faced by food and beverage manufacturers.

Jay Deakins, president and founder of Deacom Inc., said, DEACOM is designed to be an intuitive software system for batch process manufacturers. That's why it works so well for the food and beverage manufacturing industry — it offers the ease-of-use, security and scalability features necessary to effectively formulate, produce and distribute a highly-regulated product. We are pleased to help La Tortilla Factory in their mission to cultivate an efficient and successful operation.

The DEACOM ERP system is set to achieve full implementation by September of 2006.