Shanghai General Motors' Suppliers Shift into High Gear

Automaker Shanghai General Motors taps Compuware Covisint to connect to hundreds of suppliers worldwide

Automaker Shanghai General Motors taps Compuware Covisint to connect to hundreds of suppliers worldwide

Traverse City, MI — August 10, 2006 — Compuware Corp. today announced a three-year contract between Shanghai General Motors (GM) and Compuware Covisint. Covisint will provide messaging and integration services for Shanghai GM and hundreds of its suppliers based in Asia, North America, Europe and Latin America.

"Shanghai GM, which was recently ranked No. 1 by the Chinese government for business applications, has suppliers worldwide using multiple technologies, and we all need to securely communicate and transact business with each other," said X.Q. Zhang, chief information officer of Shanghai GM. "Covisint provided our entire supplier community with the visibility, integration and control it needed — overnight."

Compuware Covisint is a strategic IT partner for General Motors and Shanghai GM. Covisint's platform provides a unique combination of standards-based, any-to-any messaging, secure portal, application sharing and industry-specific software services to connect and integrate automotive trading partners. Initially, Covisint will establish connectivity and supply chain visibility across Shanghai GM and its supplier communities that support power-train and vehicle assembly operations. Covisint's platform is also expected to provide local technical support and training to Shanghai GM.

"The automotive industry faces globalization challenges, such as combining new markets with mature markets. For forward-thinking companies like Shanghai GM, this creates tremendous opportunity," said Bob Paul, president and chief operating officer of Compuware Covisint. "Covisint's global platform enables Shanghai GM to go beyond 'bits and bytes efficiencies' and turns supply chain collaboration into a competitive advantage."

Shanghai GM was established in June 1997 and is a 50-50 joint venture partnership between the world's largest automaker, General Motors, and one of China's largest passenger sedan manufacturers, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group (SAIC). Shanghai GM produces and markets vehicles, engines and transmissions.