Click Commerce Offers New Warehouse Management Solution

WMX designed for extended warehouse networks; available on-demand

Chicago — January 9, 2007 — On-demand supply chain management solutions Click Commerce Inc. introduced WMX, a new warehouse management solution, at Promat 2007, January 8-11 at Chicago's McCormick Place. Click Commerce WMX is designed using technology that enables companies to differentiate themselves from the competition, find additional profitable revenue streams, drive supply chain innovation, and optimize processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

Click Commerce said WMX addresses the challenges of today's complex supply chain environments: visibility and control within and beyond the four walls of a warehouse. Based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), a modular design principle, the WMX enables companies to integrate with third-party systems, reducing implementation time and costs.

In addition, the new product incorporates configurable, rules-based business processes, which gives companies the flexibility to adapt their warehouses to changing conditions. For example, the solution enables companies to start operations at new warehouses quickly and cost-effectively automate processes to meet their customers' needs. In addition, Click Commerce WMX supports technologies such as voice-enabled warehouse activities and radio frequency identification (RFID).

Click Commerce WMX also supports return and repair business processes. These post-sale operations are becoming an additional revenue source for companies and another way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Click Commerce WMX is designed to manage the dynamic processing requirements of reverse logistics and help deliver improved customer service.

At Promat 2007, the company will also introduce Click Commerce WMX On Demand, which is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, for small- and medium-sized companies or businesses utilizing a variety of warehouse space that otherwise couldn't afford a fully-featured warehouse management solution.

According to Aberdeen Research, a leading technology research firm, "The mystique of using on-demand supply chain management (SCM) technology is disappearing, making it a viable alternative for companies of all levels of supply chain maturity."

Keith Forshew, general manager of Click Commerce's supply chain group, added, "Outsourcing has created extremely complex supply chains with warehouses scattered across the globe. In many cases these warehouses are owned by third parties such as contract manufacturers and logistics companies. We've developed Click Commerce WMX and Click Commerce WMX On Demand to help our customers manage dynamic conditions both within the four walls of a facility and across an extended warehouse network. We believe that its architecture and the on-demand delivery model provide the best warehouse management solution to help our customers differentiate themselves from the competition, drive innovation, and improve efficiency and productivity."

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