Loadsmart Helps Retail Giants Innovate on Full Truckload Shipping

Loadsmart is helping Albertsons source, book and execute truckload shipping through instant pricing and booking.

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Loadsmart, the logistics technology company specializing in full truckload (FTL) shipping, announced that it is helping Albertsons revolutionize how it sources, books and executes its truckload shipping by providing instant pricing and booking for their spot business.

Velocity remains a key consideration for retail, food and beverage giants such as Albertsons and Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev). AB InBev, which recently signed a contract with Loadsmart, is the latest in a series of Fortune 500 companies leveraging Loadsmart’s technology to transform how they quote, book and, ultimately, move their freight.

By identifying the most efficient carrier for a given load, pricing improves for shippers. Furthermore, Loadsmart’s technology enables retail giants to continue their adoption of modern and more sophisticated supply chain management strategies. This just-in-time approach directly contributes to lean production and cost reduction, as well as making operations more efficient and responsive to customers.

“We are true believers in creating shared value. We currently provide shippers instant bookable spot pricing for their truckload shipments and we address carriers by offering them relevant business. We invest heavily in our proprietary carrier sourcing algorithm, and our aim is to provide the most suitable and targeted load for every carrier we work with. It has to be a win-win situation for both shippers and carriers,” said Diego Urrutia, chief commercial officer of Loadsmart.

The more on-demand supply chains become, the more pressure logistics firms will face to deliver for their customers. “By addressing this very real and challenging pain point, we are setting the new bar in the spot freight market,” Urrutia added.

In Q4 2016, Albertsons’ usage grew more than 100 percent month over month. Earlier this month, Loadsmart was identified as a top 20 company in Frost & Sullivan’s report on startups disrupting the $245 billion global connected truck market. The report highlights Loadsmart for its highly scalable and innovative technology platform.