Back on the LogicChain Gang

Tactical supply chain planning software sees new release

Chicago  May 4, 2001  LogicTools, a supply chain planning software and consulting services provider, today announced the release of an upgraded version of its supply chain tactical planning tool.

For companies and distributors working in complex supply chains, LogicChain 3.1 generates optimal supply chain plans by coordinating production, warehousing, transportation and inventory decisions to meet the companies' demand plans. The resulting plan provides information on production quantities, shipment sizes and storage requirements by product, location and time period.

LogicTools says that LogicChain is particularly applicable to industries with large demand volatility caused by promotions, and to industries with seasonality and other inventory build-up issues.

Kevin Adams, manager of information systems at LogicTools customer Arch Chemicals, cited the software's ease-of-use as a plus. "The fact that LogicChain is fully integrated with [Microsoft applications] Excel and Access makes it so easy to manage the data," Adams said.