Linnworks Launches Order Management for SkuVault

This module is designed to provide businesses with more automation, giving them efficient ways to manage and route orders across multiple warehouses.

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Linnworks announces the launch of Order Management for SkuVault. This module is designed to provide businesses with more automation, giving them efficient ways to manage and route orders across multiple warehouses. The interoperability between the Linnworks and SkuVault platforms aims to leverage the strengths of both solutions, offered as a unified solution that addresses the complex needs of modern fulfillment and inventory management for retailers.

"As businesses continue to grow and face increasingly complex supply chain demands, our goal is to provide them with the tools they need to succeed," says Chris Timmer, CEO of Linnworks. "This integration between our core Linnworks and SkuVault offerings represents a major step forward in delivering a seamless and highly efficient end-to-end inventory management process. By combining our platform strengths, we can offer a solution that simplifies operations and drives significant improvements in accuracy and customer satisfaction."

Key Takeaways:

  • The art of managing online orders is in handling both the orchestration at an operational level and the fulfillment at a logistics level via an integrated full-service inventory management solution that encompasses both order management and warehouse management: A Connected CommerceOps platform that answers both operational and logistics needs when processing retail orders. Attempting to process orders manually or through disjointed systems becomes increasingly challenging as businesses scale and expand operations, particularly with new warehouses and increased online sales channels. 
  • Benefits include:
    • Orders are automatically assigned to the appropriate warehouse using an intelligent rules engine, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.
    • Warehouses are synced with online channels, and inventory quantities are updated in real time, providing a single source of truth for stock levels. 
    • Orders from various sales channels and marketplaces are recorded in the solution, centralizing the order-handling process and reducing the complexity of managing multiple sources.
    • Users can manage their product catalog which seamlessly syncs across the combined solution, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • This new module primarily targets businesses looking to enhance warehouse operations, those ready to switch from standalone order management systems, and businesses unaware of potential inefficiencies or overpaying for makeshift solutions. For growing businesses, this functionality simplifies the management of multiple warehouses with automated order routing and real-time inventory sync, ensuring accurate and timely fulfillment. Companies switching from standalone systems will benefit from a unified platform with a single vendor and support team, seamlessly integrating all order and inventory data. For businesses overpaying for core systems that also offer baseline order management, this integration offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative, highlighting cost savings and operational efficiencies with a dedicated, specialist system, enabling them to scale efficiently.