QAD Supports Global Companies Operating in More than 100 Countries

Flexibility is critical in countries with complex requirements such as changing regulations and legal requirements

QAD Inc.

Santa Barbara, Calif.Oct. 24, 2014QAD Inc., a provider of enterprise software and services, announced that QAD solutions are installed in more than 100 countries around the world.

QAD is able to support global, multinational customers in these countries through a solution that includes products, implementation services, business consulting and support. QAD Enterprise Applications Internationalization supports international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and multi- generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) requirements, and provides country-specific functionality supporting local business practices and legal regulations related to the product, including such unique and complex business environments as Brazilian Nota Fiscal and China’s golden tax.

“Our customers are global and demand a solution that can be deployed globally with local services and support following a common core model across all sites. They want the ability to quickly start up new sites, and the freedom to deploy the solution in the cloud, on premise or in a blended deployment with minimal impact on the user experience,” said Carter Lloyds, chief marketing officer, QAD. This flexibility is especially critical in countries with complex requirements such as changing regulations and legal requirements, or a lack of available technical resources to manage on-premise applications.

Since 1979, QAD grew to meet customer needs around the world, enabling many multinational customers to expand into emerging countries with diverse requirements, languages and regulations. Today, 63 percent of QAD employees are located outside of the United States and 58 percent of company revenue is generated outside of North America.

One customer that grew globally with QAD is Lear Corporation. A QAD customer since 1994, Lear now has more than 100 manufacturing sites running QAD solutions around the world. Lear developed a standardized model for its QAD enterprise resource planning (ERP) application that was effectively deployed to facilities in 30 countries. 

The success that Lear experienced in the automotive market is reflected in its global expansion with QAD. “We’re currently implementing QAD in Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia and the United States—all over the world,” said Rob Rinnan, vice president of information technology (IT) for Lear Corporation.

“Supporting global companies by meeting local country-specific requirements, standardizing business processes, and offering on-premise, cloud and blended deployment options makes it easy for our customers to expand their businesses across the globe,” said Bill Keese, senior vice president, research and development for QAD. “Access to consistent global reporting provides manufacturers with clear visibility into global operations and enables informed decision-making with changing market conditions.”

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