New Food Supply Visibility Solution from Trace One

T Transparency provides real-time visibility of all food suppliers, locations and certifications

Boston, Mass.Mar. 21, 2014Trace One, a global provider of private label solutions for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, announced the launch of its new collaborative platform, T Transparency. T Transparency is a single, dedicated, cloud-based solution that connects all supply chain communities to provide improved supply chain visibility, better collaboration and increased productivity.

The food supply chain is expanding globally, and keeping track of product information from farm to fork can be both complicated and unwieldy for private label retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

“Shoppers expect more information about the food they are buying, and are concerned by damaging news about mislabeling, contamination and poor hygiene,” said Jerome Malavoy, founder and CEO of Trace One. “T Transparency provides visibility into the full supply chain, ensuring all parties that their products are compliant and minimizing the time to trace defective products. With the growing number of food safety rules and regulations, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers want to stay connected at all times to protect brand image.”

As consumers become more connected and well-informed, they expect readily available and accurate information about the products they purchase. T Transparency allows business partners to respond to consumers’ demands for information, and in turn, improves consumer confidence and reinforces brand loyalty. Available as a standalone solution or fully integrated with Trace One’s flagship private label PLM suite, T Transparency provides supply chain partners with the ability to connect, and share real-time information about raw materials, compliance standards and documentation, such as factory audits and certifications.

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