YuniquePLM Designs and Produces Sportswear for Sochi

Greater visibility and increased efficiency propels Jonathan & Fletcher to the podium at the Olympics

Yunique Plm Designs And Produces Sportswear For Sochi

New YorkFeb. 27, 2014Jonathan & Fletcher, a French brand known for its high-performance winter wear and sportswear, selected Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM system to improve visibility and accelerate speed to market. Jonathan & Fletcher designs and manufactures lines for prominent sportswear brands, including Rossignol, Salomon, Lacoste and Lafuma.

 The company’s expertise is focused on a variety of outdoor sports, including skiing, snowboarding, wing suit flying, cycling and equestrianism. Jonathan & Fletcher is also proud to craft race suits for athletes competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics, including five-time Olympic champion, Shiva Keshavan, of India.

Georges Pessey, founder of Jonathan & Fletcher, said, “Because we are designing and producing quality sportswear for some of the most discerning brands, it is absolutely imperative that we have a system that enables us to bring our products to market as fast as possible and with the highest quality. YuniquePLM helps us achieve this—from design to production and all the way to delivery. Thanks to the team of industry experts at Yunique Solutions, we now benefit from greater visibility and efficiency and, because all information is now accessible in one centralized system, we are able to collaborate with our entire supply chain around the world.”

Thierry Cusanno, European sales director for Yunique Solutions, said, “We were honored to provide Jonathan & Fletcher with Gerber Technology’s computer-aided design and manufacturing systems in the past, and are extremely pleased that they have chosen to implement our web-based YuniquePLM system.”

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