Come As You Are Approach Creates Collaborative Supply Chains

Agnostic B2B supply chain operating networks remove integration barriers to trading partner automation and business process enablement

Exton, Pa.Dec. 18, 2013Elemica, a supply chain operating network (SCON) provider for the process industries, says a SCON with a “come as you are” approach to integration means that companies don’t have to change their internal processes or make costly technology investments in order to reap the advantages of a collaborative commerce network. Agnostic integration capabilities enable thousands of individual trading partners, and their respective enterprises, to seamlessly and efficiently conduct commerce at a scale significant enough to create cost advantages while also improving their ability to benefit individual customers.   

“Process industry companies have invested heavily in internal process standardization and company-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The internal efficiency of these ‘inside-out’ investments have driven savings through standardization and centralization, while enabling increased control over internal operations,” said Rich Katz, chief technology officer at Elemica. “However, these companies are still leaving money on the table. Inside-out strategies stumble when companies try to extend them outside their own four walls.”

A recipe for unmet expectations occurs when businesses attempt to force trading partners to collectively adopt a single process or technology standard. Individual companies each have their own processes and enterprise requirements. While internal needs can be forced through by corporate mandate, external supply chain partners are not necessarily accepting of demands. A supply chain operating network integrates the extended, varied, distributed, and complex needs of thousands of individual trading partners and their respective enterprises, without requiring any of them to change the way they do business.

“A ‘come as you are’ approach is key to unlocking ‘outside-in’ supply chain performance,” added Katz. “When companies are able to automate and enable business processes across a critical mass of their trading partners, regardless of their individual requirements, business is transformed.”

Highlights of Elemica’s SCON include:

  • An agnostic partner onboarding approach.
  • Inherently integrated business applications.
  • Fully leveraged connections.
  • Rapid scalability through reusability.
  • Business-to-business (B2B) social collaboration.

Elemica provides the supply chain operating network for buyers, sellers and logistics service providers to seamlessly and efficiently conduct commerce across the extended global process industries. Robust data integration, automation, business process enablement and analytics are all inherent in its design. Elemica’s SCON provides the flexibility needed to work with the operating demands of the “outside-in” supply chain.

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