EmailPlus Combines Email Bill Delivery with Electronic Payment

Billtrust further streamlines payment collection and application with EmailPlus by helping businesses grow online payment adoption

Hamilton, N.J.Nov. 8, 2013Billtrust, an outsourced billing and payment services provider, announced the debut of EmailPlus, an easy-to-deploy service that combines the convenience of email delivery with the benefits of receiving electronic payment and remittance information.

“Today’s businesses are looking to capture the advantages of both e-presentment and e-payment,” said Flint Lane, CEO of Billtrust.Billtrust delivers over $25 billion worth of email invoices each year, and unfortunately, the majority of these result in a check payment. These checks are expensive and inefficient to process, and often don’t come with clean remittance data.”

Billtrust’s EmailPlus provides a turnkey solution to resolve the challenge for both biller and bill recipient. With EmailPlus, bill recipients receive an emailed summary of their invoices, along with PDF bill attachments. With just one click, bill recipients can securely view and pay invoices, as well as download invoicing data directly into leading accounting packages, such as QuickBooks, and have convenient anytime, anywhere access to invoices.

For billers, EmailPlus delivers a business-to-business billing email platform that combines electronic bill delivery and payments. In addition to the efficiency of sending out invoices via email, billers receive electronic payment and remittance data that can load automatically into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

“Increasing the use of online payments that deliver the needed remittance data is becoming more important for companies as they face slower mail times, increased costs and inefficiencies in payment application,” said Bruno Perreault, senior vice president of payments at Billtrust. “This service is the new path to electronic payment adoption.”

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