Seamless Level-3 Credit Card Processing and Secure Tokenization

Manage customer sales orders, authorize and settle customer credit card payments, and fortify network security with placeholder tokens

Chantilly, Va.Oct. 23, 20133Delta Systems, Inc.(3DSI), a provider of online credit card processing and safeguarding confidential payment data, joined Enterprise Payment Solutions Ltd. as the exclusive North American sales agent for Enterprise Payment Exchange (EPX), a SAP-certified payment and tokenization solution that allows SAP users to accept, process and secure customer credit card payments directly—without having to bolt on third-party middleware, as many businesses do now. SAP users can also save money by lowering their company’s credit card interchange fees when adding invoice-like information known as Level-3 line-item detail as part of each customer card purchase.

This advanced technology combines 3DSI’s Payment WorkSuite processing and secure CardVault credit card tokenization services with EPS’ SAP and payment processing capabilities. With this combination, enterprises can quickly and easily manage customer sales orders, authorize and settle customer credit card payments, and fortify their own network security by substituting confidential cardholder numbers with placeholder tokens—all within their SAP system.

Rick Ricker, vice president for enterprise payment solutions at 3Delta Systems said, “Because EPX lives within the SAP environment and ties in seamlessly with 3Delta’s PCI-certified card processing and CardVault tokenization services, SAP users will be able to work more efficiently handling customer credit card orders manually or over the Internet. Companies already using SAP could begin accepting credit card payments within a matter of weeks instead of months for less cost.”

Will Bunker, founder of Enterprise Payment Solutions, added, “We designed EPX to work both with the core card processing functionality in SAP and 3DSI’s systems as a one-stop solution for businesses that accept customer credit cards for sales orders and want to get more out of their SAP investment. EPX is easily configurable and consists of sub-application modules to provide discrete capabilities, which reside within the customer’s own SAP system. Customers deploy only what they need at first, then use additional modules as their requirements grow. We use secure web-based technologies to communicate directly between a customer’s SAP solution and 3DSI’s payments gateway.

“For e-commerce merchants, EPX provides a fully integrated online credit card authorization process to manage and handle customer data. Stored card tokens on the SAP customer master can be retrieved and reused on e-commerce orders, new tokens can be created and, upon completion of the online card authorization process, the orders are sent over to SAP and treated as if they were processed from within SAP as standard customer orders. If a company has both an e-commerce merchant account and a standard retail merchant account, EPX simultaneously turns raw card numbers for both accounts into tokens that are safely stored by CardVault—yet EPX instantly recognizes the differences in the accounts being processed for payment and their associated tokens.”

3Delta Systems pioneered CardVault in 2003 so merchants could exchange their customers’ confidential card data for randomly generated payment tokens, a process that safely replaces real card numbers with a string of characters that then become useless to would-be thieves. Merchants use only the token key reference for each customer transaction while the real card data remains offsite at 3DSI’s secure processing centers. The company meets rigorous PCI DSS requirements for safeguarding cardholder data against fraud and data security breaches and is a participating organization in the PCI Security Standards Council.

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