Fujitsu, ThingMagic Form Alliance for RFID Technology

Fujitsu to resell, deploy and support ThingMagic Mercury4 RFID readers

Fujitsu to resell, deploy and support ThingMagic Mercury4 RFID readers

New York — January 16, 2006 — Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. and ThingMagic Inc., a developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) sensing and embedded computing technologies, today announced a reseller and support agreement for RFID technology. The Fujitsu and ThingMagic contract outlines Fujitsu's agreement to resell, deploy and support ThingMagic's Mercury4 RFID readers.

Fujitsu and ThingMagic said they will continue to evolve their offerings to include innovative and cost effective RFID solutions. The partnership was spurred by companies that are piloting RFID technology on a case and pallet level to improve the efficiency of receiving cases and pallets of merchandise and tracking the flow of goods from the loading dock to sales floor.

The providers said that with RFID readers that automatically identify product movement in real-time, stores improve the accuracy of data and the speed-to-shelf. The improved efficiency and reduced labor cost help stores relentlessly reduce costs.

"As RFID becomes more pervasive and eventually moves to the item level, it is critical that we offer the most advanced RFID technology to our customers," said Steve Beecher, customer marketing for network solutions, Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. "ThingMagic's leading Mercury4 RFID reader is a great complement to Fujitsu's portfolio and has the potential to be integrated with multiple devices and applications with Fujitsu's Pervasive Retailing Framework."

Kevin Ashton, vice president, marketing, for ThingMagic, added that by forming an alliance with Fujitsu, his company can offer a combination of global IT retailing expertise with our RFID leadership. "This reflects ThingMagic's expansion of its alliance program, which provides end-to-end RFID solutions. Leveraging the reach of Fujitsu's field sales force and strong relationships in the retailing industry, Mercury4 readers will become more available to retailing companies," he said.

ThingMagic's Mercury4 RFID reader platform, which can read any RFID tag, is designed with a Software Defined Radio architecture. Mercury4 is certified by EPCglobal and MET Labs for all three Generation 2 RFID modes, including the complex Dense Reader mode.