Upgrade to Inventory Monitor to Aid Supply Chain Optimization

SEEBURGER offering new supplier, 3PL logistics tracking, dynamic min/max, supplier scorecards

SEEBURGER offering new supplier, 3PL logistics tracking, dynamic min/max, supplier scorecards

Atlanta — February 7, 2006 — SEEBURGER Inc. announced an upgrade to its Inventory Monitor, a B2B application designed to equip manufacturers and their suppliers with real-time visibility into parts inventory levels to enable demand-based replenishment.

Enhancements to the new version include tracking of stock levels at supplier and 3PL logistic warehouses, support for dynamic minimum/maximum levels, supplier scorecarding, and optional integration with radio frequency identification (RFID) middleware.

SEEBURGER said Inventory Monitor extends the automated trading partner communications capabilities of the SEEBURGER B2B Gateway or can be added to other B2B platforms to support demand planning. It provides graphical, color-coded monitoring of parts inventory and automatically triggers parts shipments based on user-defined minimum/maximum stock levels.

The provider said the new release of the Inventory Monitor, available this month, will add monitoring of parts inventories at supplier and third-party logistic warehouses; dynamic min/max settings for stock levels; supplier scorecarding; and optional integration with SEEBURGER RFID Workbench, a suite of RFID middleware solutions.

Scott Lewin, president of SEEBURGER U.S., said, With this application, manufacturers can fine-tune parts delivery to meet their production needs without carrying excess stock, while suppliers can improve their ability to forecast and meet customers' inventory requirements.

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