Alien Opens RFID Solutions Center in Dayton

23,000 sq. ft. facility intended to drive technology innovation and accelerated adoption of solutions; technical labs and test resources

23,000 sq. ft. facility intended to drive technology innovation and accelerated adoption of solutions; technical labs and test resources

Dayton, OH — February 8, 2006 — The doors officially opened Monday at the RFID Solutions Center Dayton, a facility devoted to radio frequency identification (RFID) innovation and implementation, solution provider Alien Technology announced this week.

Located in Dayton, Ohio and comprising 23,000 sq. ft. of educational, research and development (R&D) and real-world implementation resources, the RFID Solutions Center is a division of Alien intended to bring the benefits of RFID technology to applications that enable improved asset visibility within supply chains, improved consumer safety and security, and greater operating efficiencies for private and public sector organizations.

Speakers and panelists at the opening event included U.S and Ohio State legislators and business leaders from the region; representatives from such Solutions Center partners as Intel, Lockheed Martin, Verisign, and OATSystems; and RFID end users including Cardinal Health, Proctor & Gamble and representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Opportunity to Collaborate

"The RFID Solutions Center Dayton is a resource for the entire RFID community of suppliers, end-customers, solutions partners and educators dedicated to furthering RFID technology," said Stav Prodromou, CEO of Alien Technology. "It represents not just the Alien commitment to furthering the value of RFID, but also that of numerous Solutions Center partners and supporters across multiple industry segments, governmental and military agencies and academia."

Prodromou added that the opening marked the start of an opportunity for organizations to collaborate in real-world RFID settings to help optimize today's RFID deployments and blaze the trail into RFID's future.

The services of the RFID Solutions Center are available to organizations involved in the implementation of RFID technology, including enterprises, government agencies and their partners. It houses technical labs and test and piloting facilities, as well as the capital equipment needed to simulate a range of "real-world" RFID situations in consumer packaged goods, retail, transportation, defense and pharmaceuticals.

Partner Lineup

"With its breadth of physical facilities and world-class consulting and educational resources, including the Alien RFID Academy, the Solutions Center is designed to help organizations address the totality of RFID in the global supply chain — from packaging and manufacturing to distribution and to point-of-sale," Alien said in a statement on the opening.

Organizations can join the RFID Solutions Center as a partner to gain access to its resources as well as the opportunity to interact with other Solutions Center supporters. Partners include hardware solutions providers, software solutions providers, systems integrators, end users in both the public and private sectors, and university-based educators and researchers.

To date, the following organizations have become partners of the RFID Solutions Center:

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