Implementing Pull-oriented Scheduling at Minnesota Manufacturer

Metalworking company J&E/Earll slashes lead times and gain 95-percent on-time delivery after implementing Infor solution

Metalworking company J&E/Earll slashes lead times and gain 95-percent on-time delivery after implementing Infor solution

Atlanta — March 2, 2006 — Fast-growing metalworking company J&E/Earll Manufacturing has adopted scheduling and planning solutions from Infor that have made significant improvements in the company's performance, the solution provider has announced.

Minnesota-based J&E/Earll has implemented Infor's Easy Lean solution, which has brought pull-oriented scheduling techniques to its production, which includes the manufacture and delivery of make-to order custom metal components and fabricated, finished and assembled final products for industries in some 30 states, Canada and Ireland.

Prior to incorporating Easy Lean into its Infor ERP VISUAL Enterprise software suite, J&E/Earll lacked the tools it needed to meet its delivery performance objectives. Without a formal scheduling or load/capacity capability, work did not flow efficiently. Production was consistently subject to expedited shipments and constantly shifting priorities.

After Infor's Throughput Improvement PSO Group provided J&E/Earll with an approach to lean manufacturing, the company was able to use Easy Lean to reduce lead times substantially, while making it considerably easier to maintain a 95 percent on-time performance level.

Managing Rapid Growth

J&E/Earll has grown rapidly over the last few years through acquisition of finishing and fabricating companies, and Infor's Easy Lean is helping all its units operate more efficiently. General Manager Greg Rabenort said: "Easy Lean gave us the right priorities in manufacturing. It allows us to grow. Although powerful, it is easy to learn and use; and with great success we are rolling it out to our other companies on our own. It gives us the visibility we need to see in real time and manage by exception."

The company expects to create a quick-response cell that will handle up to 25 percent of its production. Said CEO Mike Hansen: "Easy Lean will allow us to run it easily. Infor ERP VISUAL Enterprise has been a great help as we've acquired companies. It provides us with the ability to matrix-manage our operations remotely."

Infor said its solutions have enabled J&E/Earll to operate consistent, integrated and automated processes among all its acquired companies, to grow rapidly while maintaining top-level performance and a major improvement in consistently achieving on-time delivery and fulfillment. With Infor solutions, the company is gaining greater market share and is using cutting-edge tools to manage the increased work flow and loads deriving from its growth.

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