Zilliant Delivers "Price Engine Ready" Recommendations to Order Management Applications

Latest release of Price Integration Framework provides integration to quote and order applications from SAP, Oracle and Siebel

Latest release of Price Integration Framework provides integration to quote and order applications from SAP, Oracle and Siebel

Austin, TX — May 19, 2006 — Pricing management solution provider Zilliant has rolled out the latest version of its Price Integration Framework, which provides integration between its flagship Zilliant Precision Pricing Suite (ZPPS) and quote and order applications from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) vendors.

A component of the recently released ZPPS 5.4, Price Integration Framework provides integration support between Zilliant's pricing setting and execution applications and transaction-oriented order management systems from such vendors as SAP, Oracle and Siebel.

The framework application extracts transaction, product and customer data from the order management application, uses the data to produce optimized price recommendations, and then feeds pricing rules and conditions back into the application in the native format of its pricing engine.

"Most companies have deployed packaged order management applications from vendors such as SAP, Oracle and Siebel," said Eric Hills, Zilliant's vice president of marketing. "These investments have improved the integrity and scalability of pricing administration, but have done little to enhance pricing intelligence and profitability. That is why so many customers are integrating ZPPS with their order management applications, to create a holistic, data-driven system for price setting, execution, and fulfillment that unleashes the full power of pricing."

Price Integration Framework 5.4 supports SAP's Java Connector (SAP JCo) to connect directly to pricing-related RFC/BAPI interfaces. This "price engine ready" feature enables Zilliant customers who run SAP to integrate Zilliant's price recommendations into SAP's pricing module.

Zilliant said that this integration approach should accelerate deployment, increase adoption and maximize business benefits for these customers without introducing risk or complexity to their order management processes.

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