Glovia Introduces Additional Supply Chain Management Functionality

Beefed-up planning, scheduling and execution capabilities aim to streamline customer and supplier management

Beefed-up planning, scheduling and execution capabilities aim to streamline customer and supplier management

Nashville, TN — June 8, 2006 — Enterprise resource planning specialist Glovia International has debuted the latest version of its flagship ERP system,, adding beefed-up planning, scheduling and execution capabilities intended to streamline customer and supplier management.

A subsidiary of Fujitsu and a provider of extended ERP solutions for engineer-to-order and high volume manufacturers, Glovia announced the new version, v9, from the 2006 Glovia International User Conference in Nashville, Tenn.

Supplier Management Update

Glovia said that version 9 of the Supplier Management module provides visibility and control of the entire procurement process, including developing and executing supplier contracts, managing purchase orders, coordinating supplier shipments and executing outsourcing strategies.

The solution balances purchases across multiple suppliers and tracks order status and supplier progress against contracts to help companies strengthen and automate business processes and coordinate the complex flow of materials from suppliers to manufacturing facilities, the solution provider said.

To further synchronize supply with demand, v9 provides a new level of time-of-day granularity for the scheduling of purchase orders, including critical events and the accommodation of real-time status reports. Lead times can now be expressed in days or hours, and fixed lead times can be expressed in units as little as 15 minutes.

For purchasing inventory from suppliers, the new version includes a capability to define the item that will be purchased, linking it to the actual item required. In addition, based on the vendor selection, substitutes may be purchased. Glovia said that this improved granularity will help reduce inventory levels and costs, lower procurement costs through aggregated purchases and negotiated contracts, automate procurement processes and improve responsiveness by compressing lead times.

Customer Management Capabilities

v9 of the Customer Management module supports real-time order promising and allows customers to configure products, place orders and check the status of their orders by using a Web browser. Glovia said that Customer Management streamlines the creation of sales proposals and sales orders, as well as the development and execution of customer contracts, by compiling accurate sales forecasts, identifying changing demand trends and analyzing sales and profitability.

Customer Management business benefits could potentially include increased customer loyalty and retention, improved sales force and service productivity, increased responsiveness to changing demand, reduced quote-to-delivery cycle times and product configuration support, the solution provider said.

Item Substitution Features

To improve the speed and flexibility of sales orders, work orders and inventory management within local structures, Glovia said that it added functionality down to the component level to enable one-to-one substitutions and prioritize one-to-many and one-to-multiple substitutions. It is now also possible to define exclusion groups to a particular customer to ensure they never receive a substitute or a particular substitute. Items may also have substitution exceptions based on configuration variances, excluding certain substitutions while allowing others.

"We really listened to what our customers and parent company required to further streamline and improve their operations," said Randy Ehler, executive vice president of research and development and products for Glovia International. "The additional supply chain management capabilities enhance manufacturers' collaboration, visibility and communication with their suppliers to more effectively meet customer demand, reduce costs and improve overall business operations."

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