Solution Offers "Total Control" of Assets in Real Time

FastTrac Transportation depends on new ARGO Tracker system for multi-unit asset mapping and tracking

FastTrac Transportation depends on new ARGO Tracker system for multi-unit asset mapping and tracking

Tucson, AZ — July 10, 2006 — Real-time asset tracking specialist ARGO Tracker Corporation has started shipping its new standalone asset tracking application, "Total Control," offering customers real-time mapping of assets each within its own window, as well as multi-unit tracking.

FastTrac Transportation participated in beta testing for the new "Total Control" solution and has now deployed the ARGO Tracker system at its Houston, Texas, terminal.

"FastTrac uses ARGO Tracker and Total Control for partial dispatching in addition to tracking of vehicles," said Jeff Steele, terminal manager at the company's Houston headquarters. "Previous systems were unreliable since we relied on technology that drivers personally carried. When a driver was in a truck, it was difficult to get a signal. Now we have a much more stable and reliable asset tracking system because the units are integral parts of each truck."

During the beta test late last year, FastTrac set up a facility for a strategic customer in Ohio with new trucks and the ARGO Tracker solution. The tests were successful, and FastTrac decided to deploy the solution at its Houston terminal. The company is currently deploying Total Control throughout its system.

Steele added that FastTrac now has the capability to be more responsive to customer pick up requests. "We can pull up vehicle locations in real-time to see which trucks are closest to the pick up point and get there faster," he said. "We also get a break on our insurance costs since we know where all vehicles are all the time."

"Total Control is our power user desktop monitoring application," said Gary Kochis, ARGO Tracker's chief technology officer. "The interface is robust, supporting performance thresholds and features required by customers who demand the ultimate in real-time monitoring of their critical business assets."

In addition to its multi-unit tracking capabilities, other key features of Total Control include drag-and-drop reporting with CSV exporting capabilities, visual alert notifications and the ability to create and edit alert notifications such as geo-fence and speed and acceleration.

Total Control joins ARGO Tracker's flagship "thin client" application, which offers customers real-time access to their high-value business assets through the ARGO Tracker customer portal located on the company's Web site.

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