ePlus Upgrades DigitalPaper XE for Emergency Response, First Responders

Software to aid Homeland Security efforts by providing wireless access to view infrastructure data

Software to aid Homeland Security efforts by providing wireless access to view infrastructure data

Herndon, VA — February 1, 2005 — Enterprise cost management solutions provider ePlus inc. has announced a new program for its DigitalPaper XE software in the homeland security/emergency response marketplace. The software can be used to equip first responders, including government agencies, state and local municipalities, with real-time wireless access to building floor plans, civil engineering drawings and other public and private infrastructure information in the field. Even large documents can now be accessed at the scene of the emergency, where they are most needed by front-line personnel.

Using DigitalPaper XE software, emergency response teams can retrieve building layouts and schematics; topographical maps; aerial photographs; and water, gas, electrical, sewer, roads, bridge, airport and structured drawings on mobile PCs or wireless Web pads. The software's DirectSight technology enables documents of any size or complexity to be viewed with a Web browser and Internet connection, eliminating the need to attach or transfer files.

As a result, emergency response and homeland security personnel can access and review such information as exit routes, fire hydrant locations and other vital information en route to the scene of emergency incidents. Local police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, SWAT or HazMat teams, and others can see the same documents available to central dispatch, making it possible to familiarize themselves with the site involved to aid in planning and executing the best rescue and public safety strategies.

"Our DigitalPaper XE software is a valuable new tool for homeland security and emergency response because it overcomes the limitations of conventional file transfer technology when dealing with extremely large document images such as floor plans," said Ken Farber, president of ePlus Systems. "By making key infrastructure information available to emergency personnel on wireless devices, we are enabling responders to react more quickly and with better intelligence, potentially reducing property damage and casualties."

ePlus' DigitalPaper technology has been used by commercial and government organizations to allow secure Web access and annotation of large, unstructured documents such as engineering drawings, facilities diagrams, blueprints and technical manuals.