JustEnough, TCI Solutions Partner to Bolster Customer Satisfaction

Grocery retailers can now use demand management software, achieve right balance of stock

Grocery retailers can now use demand management software, achieve right balance of stock

Irvine, CA — February 14, 2005 — JustEnough Software Corp. today announced that TCI Solutions, a provider of merchandising and store operations solutions for the grocery industry, will integrate its demand management software to help grocers improve forecasting, supply-side analysis and safety stocking.

JustEnough said it has more than 10 years of demand management experience in assisting retailers and wholesalers across the globe manage and reduce the variability of demand, linking supply and demand chains so that the right products get to the right places at the right time in the right quantities.

"JustEnough brings functionality in demand forecasting, inventory optimization and planning to TCI Solutions' extensive base of grocers," said Malcolm Buxton, president and CEO of JustEnough Software. "We're excited about our agreement with TCI Solutions because it enables us to execute our strategy of expanding operations in the United States by partnering with [enterprise resource planning (ERP)] vendors in their markets."

Besides the partnership model, JustEnough said it is expanding through direct sales to U.S. retailers, which have yielded positive results. The company recently won business with Philips Lighting, Cooking.com, Sit 'n Sleep and Sheetz, following successes in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets. By implementing JustEnough, for example, Massdiscounters — a chain of retail discount stores — processes over three million stock-keeping units (SKUs) in under eight hours by completely automating its forecast-to-replenishment process.

"Our partnership with JustEnough complements our execution-oriented product suite with its demand management software, and grocers will realize greater profitability as a result," said Dave Butler, president and CEO of TCI Solutions. "JustEnough enables us to give our client base a seamless way to integrate DemandChain intelligence in their core systems."

Using JustEnough, grocers can replenish their stores based on the latest analysis of forecast demand and recalculated safety levels in order to eliminate costly stock-outs while avoiding excess inventory holding.

"This solution has been designed to meet the high ROI criteria of retail organizations that are increasingly focusing on the efficiency of their operations while improving customer service," Buxton added.