Manhattan Associates Inks Deals for Carrier Management Apps

Wins new biz with Knight Transportation, Henderson Trucking; expands agreements with Maverick Transportation, Tyson Foods

Wins new biz with Knight Transportation, Henderson Trucking; expands agreements with Maverick Transportation, Tyson Foods

Atlanta — February 18, 2005 — Supply chain execution specialist Manhattan Associates has inked deals with two new customers and expanded agreements with two others, increasing the customer base for the solution provider's carrier management applications.

Atlanta-based Manhattan signed new carrier management licensing agreements with Knight Transportation and Henderson Trucking and expanded existing agreements with Maverick Transportation and Tyson Foods.

Manhattan Associates' carrier management solution's set of management and optimization-based decision support capabilities includes Driver&Load, Drop&Swap, Fuel&Route, Profit Analyzer, Bid Response and Load Analyzer. These solutions are intended to help North American truckload (TL) motor carriers and private fleet operations improve network balance and increase resource utilization so that they can experience maximum efficiency and profitability in their operations.

Knight Transportation is one of the most profitable truckload carriers in North America. Cory Staheli, Knight's information systems manager, said that the company had been looking for a bid pricing tool that addressed many of the lane, pricing and balance needs within its organization, but the company couldn't find anyone in the marketplace that had a tool to handle bids. "We had actually looked into building it ourselves, then we found Manhattan Associates and were impressed with what it had to offer," Staheli said. "As a result, we've teamed with them to develop a solution that we believe meets our bid response needs."

Henderson Trucking, a 300-power unit refrigerated carrier based in Salem, Ill., purchased the entire suite of Manhattan Associates' carrier management solution. "We selected Manhattan Associates because its solution offered the functionality and scalability needed to take into account every single facet of our organization," said Josh Kaburick, Henderson's chief operational officer.

Manhattan Associates also expanded existing carrier management licenses at both Tyson Foods in Springdale, Ark., and Maverick Transportation in Little Rock. Tyson Food's 1000-plus power unit private fleet has been a customer of Manhattan Associates since 1997. "We have had a long-standing, positive relationship with Manhattan Associates and are looking forward to deploying the additional software," said Larry 'Blue' Keene, Tyson's director of private fleet operations. "As our fleet continues to grow and expand, we feel these tools will allow us to gain more control over our assets."

Maverick Transportation expanded its license of Manhattan Associates' carrier management solution as well, with the addition of its lane analyzer component. Michael J. Hufnagel, Maverick Transportation's vice president of information technology, said that Manhattan's Load Analyzer solution would provide the company's customer service personnel with a solution to book the best loads so that the system is kept in balance while improving and simplifying the whole load booking process. "With this additional tool from our strategic partner, Manhattan Associates, we now have the ability to optimize the whole order cycle from the booking process to loading the right truck, assigning the right driver, getting the right fuel and analyzing the profit on that specific load," Hufnagel said.

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