Malone Auto Racks Tackles Sales Order Management

Signs up to use Web-based solution from CenterStone Technologies to give dealers easy access to product information, order processing

Signs up to use Web-based solution from CenterStone Technologies to give dealers easy access to product information, order processing

Denver, CO  March 18, 2005  Malone Auto Racks has signed up to use a Web-based sales order management solution from CenterStone Technologies to give its dealers round-the-clock access to product information and real-time order processing.

Based in Westbrook, Maine, Malone designs and distributes a line of automotive rack, trunk and hitch carrier systems. The company's products are distributed through specialty outdoor, fishing and automotive retail stores across the United States and Canada.

"The market for automobile rack systems has grown increasingly complex and expensive for the small, outdoor retail dealer," said ," said Larry Malone, president of Malone Auto Racks. "Using CenterStone Technologies, Malone dealers can get product on the shelf faster and easier."

Malone added that his company's goal is to make Malone the brand that its dealers prefer because the company is the best to do business with. "The addition of the CenterStone Technologies product will strongly support that goal," he said.

Tom Detmer, president and CEO of CenterStone, said that because CenterStone already has thousands of retailers currently using the solution, Malone's adoption of CenterStone for sales order management will allow them to compete more effectively.

"Dealers and sales reps have been very quick to embrace the CenterStone solution, and we expect that Malone's choice of CenterStone will have a significant, positive impact on their business," Detmer said. "Currently more than 8,000 retailers have access to the on-line solution, and this extensive dealer base should be a great benefit to Larry as he looks to grow the Malone Auto Rack business."

Other companies using CenterStone's sales order management system include The North Face, Marmot and Helly Hansen.

Chris "Oz" Ozmundson, owner of Flatiron Sports in Crested Butte, Colo., said that using CenterStone's application has made ordering from suppliers who use the system much easier and has increased sales at his store.

"We are a destination resort, so it is really important for me to be able to place a special order when my customer is in the store and know that I can have it while they are still here on vacation," Ozmundson said. "CenterStone lets me pull the trigger while the customer is standing there. I don't have to call, be put on hold or leave a message and wait to hear back from a supplier, which can be a two-day process. Having access to CenterStone's application saves me up to three steps."

Ozmundson, who has been using CenterStone's application for about four years, estimates that he has increased his spending by as much as $5,000 to $8,000 with suppliers that offer CenterStone because it is easier to work with them. "I have the whole catalog in front of me, which makes preseason ordering easier," Ozmundson said. "I also receive an e-mail order confirmation the same day I place my order. I can see it, order it and have it in the next day or two."

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