Astaris Tackles Workforce Management

Chemical supplier expects to save money with payroll, HR solution

Chemical supplier expects to save money with payroll, HR solution

Weston, FL — April 7, 2005 — Astaris LLC, a chemical producer of phosphorous and derivative products, said it is experiencing cost savings since implementing Ultimate Software's UltiPro, delivered through its hosted service model, Intersourcing, in July 2004. Ultimate Software provides Web-based payroll and workforce management solutions.

St. Louis-based Astaris had been using a third-party outsourced service provider to manage payroll and some human resources (HR) processes from start to finish, such as data entry, payroll processing, check printing, garnishments and tax filing. Astaris' management decided to switch to a more cost-effective system that accomplished the same tasks without requiring IT resources.

"UltiPro was one of the best applications I saw during the due diligence process, and it also had the simplest pricing structure with its per-employee- per-month payment option," said Michael Bork, corporate HR manager for Astaris. "In addition to offering Web access and true HR/payroll integration, Ultimate has relationships with third-party providers that are allowing us to continue outsourcing processes like garnishments, FSA administration, and tax filing at an affordable price. All in all, the savings for us are tremendous, expected to be over $200,000 each year compared with our previous provider."

Because Astaris had been outsourcing its human resources, benefits and payroll processes, it didn't have available hardware or IT resources to manage an in-house system. With Intersourcing, Ultimate Software undertakes the IT responsibilities associated with UltiPro while users can log on using a Web browser to take advantage of UltiPro's capabilities.

"With Intersourcing, Ultimate Software takes care of system maintenance, so we don't need to tap into our IT resources that are focused on other projects," said Bork. "We can also create detailed ad hoc reports on our own without the IT intervention required by many systems."