Hackett Adds Transformation Advisory Offerings

Business process advisory firm announces organizational changes to support extended business model

Business process advisory firm announces organizational changes to support extended business model

Atlanta — April 13, 2005 — The Hackett Group, a business process advisory firm, today announced the launch of Transformation Advisory Services, which the company said is designed to help clients close performance gaps identified through benchmark studies.

The new services place Hackett Strategic Business Advisors at the disposal of clients to objectively evaluate alternatives and to create and manage plans that accelerate performance toward world-class levels across selling, general and administrative (SG&A) functions.

Due to client demand for assistance in translating benchmark results into detailed strategies, Answerthink's Business Transformation Practice has transitioned to become an part of Hackett's service offerings, brand and management teams. The Business Transformation Practice will be responsible for the delivery of new Transformation Advisory s Services as well as providing content and inquiry response for Hackett's existing Business Advisory Programs. Hackett said the Transformation Advisory Services are delivered and supported by over 100 Strategic Business Advisors.

As part of the transformation integration, leadership changes were also announced. Bruce Barlag, CEO of The Hackett Group, will be leaving the organization, and Hackett's President Wayne Mincey will assume his responsibilities. Chris Brennan will assume Wayne Mincey's responsibilities and will also continue to lead the Business Transformation Practice.

Four new offerings are being launched as part of Hackett Transformation Advisory. Best Practices Workshops will educate clients on Hackett-Certified Practices to facilitate the planning and selection of a process improvement approach.

The Strategic Transformation Plan moves clients from measurement to strategy development by translating benchmarking findings into a sequential set of initiatives (and associated business case) to close material performance gaps.

Hackett's new Transformation Management Office facilitates the establishment, management and staffing of a transformation project management office, which Hackett said is a critical executive management tool for enterprise change initiatives.

Finally, Transformation Blueprints provide information architecture, business case, process flows and technology configuration designs that use Hackett-Certified Practices.

All Transformation Advisory services are available as independent engagements or as part of a sequential enterprise improvement initiative, which often begin with a Hackett benchmark to establish a baseline of current performance and costs.

Ted Fernandez, Answerthink's CEO, which is Hackett's parent company, said that with the new Transformation Advisory services, Hackett is taking the next step, offering companies a way to drive change based on the insights into world-class performance. "Now we can support companies as they move from measurement and analysis to strategic development and execution. We believe these new offerings will make it easier for companies to understand their opportunities, drive real change and reap rewards, ranging from reduced operating costs and faster cycle times to greater strategic alignment," he said.