Spotlight on Warehouse Management at Tecsys Latin America

Logistics solutions provider implements WMS in over 60 distribution centers in the region

Logistics solutions provider implements WMS in over 60 distribution centers in the region

Grand Rapids, MI — April 25, 2005 — Tecsys Latin America (TLA), a regional provider of integrated logistics solutions and dedicated distributor of Provia's Supply Chain Execution solutions in Latin America, said it has implemented Provia's ViaWare warehouse management software (WMS) in over 60 distribution centers in the region.

Several of TLA's customers have experienced benefits through the use of ViaWare. For instance, Colceramica, a Colombian manufacturer of ceramic bathroom fixtures and fittings, recently implemented ViaWare throughout its supply chain and said it was able to triple productivity. Retailers, distributors and manufacturers in other countries including Venezuela, Chile and Puerto Rico are also utilizing Provia solutions.

TLA also said its customers in the third-party logistics (3PL) space are using Provia's FourSite order management system (OMS), which enables 3PL providers to sort, report and track product orders and product handling costs by customer, while automatically producing the appropriate billing.

The solutions that TLA offers are designed to improve distribution, storage, logistics and transportation. For both import and export trade, Provia said its supply chain execution software provides real-time visibility to support the integration of extended cross-functional supply chain solutions and enable a competitive advantage for customers. The two companies have been working together for over five years to bring logistics solutions to manufacturers, retailers, distributors and 3PLs in Latin America.

"TLA and Provia share a similar culture, as well as a mix of both an enterprise and 3PL focus," commented Gregor Nassief, TLA's president. "We both share a commitment to client success and are dedicated to helping our customers improve inventory accuracy, reduce order cycle times, increase labor productivity and improve order accuracy."