Oakwood Worldwide Selects Business Intelligence Software

Property management firm taps BusinessObjects to provide "one version of truth" for company decision-makers

Property management firm taps BusinessObjects to provide "one version of truth" for company decision-makers

San Jose, CA and Paris — May 2, 2005 — Oakwood Worldwide, a corporate housing and multi-family property management firm, said today that it will deploy BusinessObjects XI as its corporate business intelligence standard in order to improve its enterprise performance.

Under the leadership of the company's chief financial officer, Oakwood developed a business intelligence initiative designed to achieve one version of the truth regarding the status of the business, gain visibility into corporate operations, and promote accountability for meeting performance goals. BusinessObjects XI is expected to enable Oakwood to integrate its corporate data to track, understand and manage the performance of sales, customer service, operations and finance worldwide.

Prior to Business Objects, Oakwood relied on a daily summary report that was populated with data from a cross-section of custom and off-the-shelf applications. The static report was time consuming to develop and did not allow managers to access the underlying data or analyze the results.

"We wanted to improve visibility at every level of the organization and in every department," said Chris Hong, vice president and controller of Oakwood Worldwide. "We needed to obtain a single version of the truth about our business, and then get that truth into the hands of every decision maker. Furthermore, we needed a way to measure performance, understand the factors affecting it, and establish accountability for improving it throughout the organization. BusinessObjects XI will enable us to meet these goals and fit our needs better than any of the other solutions we evaluated."

Hong said his company chose Business Objects because it offered the most advanced and complete suite of integrated business intelligence products that met the company's needs both now and in the future. BusinessObjects XI also offered an interface that would reduce training time and promote adoption of the application throughout the organization.

Oakwood will go into production with the first phase of its business intelligence system during the Summer of 2005, and then roll out the application throughout the United States.