Integration Consortium Creates RFID Committee

Aims to support standards and best practices for end-to-end supply chain integration

Aims to support standards and best practices for end-to-end supply chain integration

New York — May 27, 2005 — The Integration Consortium (IC) has formed a new committee chartered with establishing and promoting best practices and industry consensus to further enable the integration of radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology and data within enterprise systems, the IC announced this week.

Inaugural members of the IC's RFID Committee include representatives from Wipro, Chronologic Systems and webMethods, with working groups already being established to address the core requirements for more widespread RFID adoption, such as common technical standards, templates for various business case analysis and expanded vendor collaboration leading to more uniform, end-to-end or partner-to-partner solutions.

"As businesses look to exploit the value of RFID data, the ability to readily integrate this information within the enterprise is becoming more and more critical," said Andrew Savitz, co-chair of the IC RFID Committee and director of RFID solutions and industry alliances for webMethods. "Representing leaders from across the industry, the Integration Consortium should be commended for taking a leadership role in addressing these business-critical requirements."

Savitz added: "Underscoring our commitment to producing tangible results that our members can immediately employ, we're delighted by the chance to showcase during the Global Integration Summit a very real-world example of what's possible using RFID. Based on technology from webMethods, Verisign and others, we're deploying an extremely unobtrusive tracking system that vividly illustrates how easily and effectively critical information can be accessed, leveraged and enhanced across multiple touch-points."