FFF Enterprises Uses Data Tool to Speed Delivery of Plasma Products

Intentia Business Performance Warehouse to help pharmaceutical distributor reduce overhead, improve bottom line

Intentia Business Performance Warehouse to help pharmaceutical distributor reduce overhead, improve bottom line

Schaumburg, IL — June 2, 2005 — FFF Enterprises Inc., a U.S. distributor of biopharmaceuticals, plasma products and vaccines, said it has selected Intentia Business Performance Warehouse to access business information and reduce administrative paper processes.

With the tool, FFF said it can focus on more efficiently serving its customers, while managing the distribution of critical-care products to acute and non-acute care settings across the nation.

Based in Temecula, Calif., FFF has used the Intentia suite of collaborative enterprise applications since 2001. FFF's decision to use the Intentia data warehousing solution has created an integrated enterprise performance management (EPM) suite that gives the company paperless information management and business process automation.

"As a distributor of biopharmaceuticals, FFF's success relies on our ability to understand and rapidly respond to the varying needs of our healthcare customers, and to responsibly manage the supply, even in times of shortage," said Danny Poteet, Technology manager, FFF Enterprises. "Intentia's Business Performance Warehouse solution allows us to quantify data and immediately understand how to accelerate the availability of lifesaving products and services."

By implementing the Intentia Business Performance Warehouse, FFF is able to view information from the Intentia Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application and consolidate it with data from other operational systems throughout the organization.

The aggregated information can then be analyzed to report business trends and measure results against key performance indicators, such as delivery requirements. Armed with the detailed information, FFF management can then make informed decisions about future operational initiatives and business investments to further its success.

Specifically, FFF said it can analyze purchasing and procurement activity in regular monthly reports, allowing the organization to tailor inventory levels and distribution to best meet clients needs. With better and quicker data, FFF is making strides in reducing supply-related costs, and gaining additional leverage in negotiations during the sales process.

The elimination of many previously manual processes, such as data integration and analysis, has also allowed staff to cut back on lower level tasks and instead concentrate on higher value functions, such as decision support and customer support initiatives, FFF said.