Gordmans Selects Supply Chain Execution Solution

Apparel and home retailer taps HighJump for software to manage flow-through retail distribution

Apparel and home retailer taps HighJump for software to manage flow-through retail distribution

Eden Prairie, MN — June 7, 2005 — Gordmans Inc., an Omaha-based apparel and home fashions retailer, said today it has selected HighJump Software's Supply Chain Advantage suite to manage flow-through retail distribution. The company added that it chose the HighJump system to support its expanding operations and the associated increase in supply chain complexity.

The company will implement HighJump's retail-specific functionality in its 380,000-square-foot distribution center, also located in Omaha.

Gordmans, an everyday-low-price retailer, operates 51 stores in 11 states with plans to expand to 55 stores in 12 states by the end of 2005. The supply chain complexities behind this growing business model include handling an increasing number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) and vendors. Gordmans views the HighJump solution as a means to manage this growth more effectively, while sharpening operational efficiency and inventory accuracy.

HighJump said its solutions will enable Gordmans to quickly move inventory through its facility, streamlining the flow of millions of hanging garments and other products. Gordmans will use HighJump's cross-docking functionality to route inbound shipments from hundreds of suppliers directly to its stores.

The retailer will also use the system to make items more "store ready." By directing and controlling activities, such as ticketing, at the distribution center level, Gordmans anticipates a more rapid and efficient receipt of merchandise at each of its stores. With a greater variety of product reaching the store floor faster, Gordmans welcomes such process change as another way to improve the customer experience.

"The HighJump application was selected because of its flexibility to meet our needs and the lower long-term costs associated with the maintenance of the package," said Ron Hall, vice president of operations, Gordmans.

"HighJump has a strong track record in the retail industry," said Chris Heim, president of HighJump Software. "We're pleased to support Gordmans in their efforts to tighten supply chain operations and take advantage of new opportunities for expansion."