Inovis, Fairchild Semiconductor Ally on RosettaNet Services

Joint initiative underway with pilot program for electronics component distributor Wintech Microelectronics

Joint initiative underway with pilot program for electronics component distributor Wintech Microelectronics

Atlanta  July 11, 2005  Inovis, a provider of B2B solutions and services, and Fairchild Semiconductor are undertaking a joint initiative to provide RosettaNet services to select Fairchild trading partners worldwide.

Using Inovis' hosted RosettaNet services, Fairchild has deployed a pilot program with trading partner Wintech Microelectronics, an electronics component distributor in Asia. As a result of the RosettaNet initiative, Wintech will be looking to achieve streamlined trading community connectivity, accelerated data transmission and enhanced ability to react quickly to market opportunities.

RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium of more than 500 organizations working to create, implement and promote open e-business standards and services. Fairchild currently is deploying RosettaNet solutions for design win registration, quoting and order management.

Partnering on RosettaNet Objectives

A long-time Inovis customer, Fairchild partnered with the B2B connectivity specialist in order to achieve RosettaNet objectives that include improved trading partner communication and customer satisfaction; accelerated speed of doing business due to real-time, system-to-system business processes instead of extranet-portals; and increased revenue and market share.

RosettaNet services are part of Inovis' Managed Services offering, through which Fairchild is able to manage the flow of e-commerce information across its trading community. Also through Managed Services, Fairchild leverages TrustedLink Enterprise, Inovis' electronic data interchange (EDI) translation software, for "any-to-any" translation with its trading partners.

"Fairchild's global strategy encompasses using RosettaNet solutions to create a streamlined business experience for our trading partners while generating demand for our ... power products," said Win Rawls, Fairchild's vice president for e-commerce, sales and marketing IT. "As evidenced by our work with Wintech, partnering with a strong, motivated RosettaNet service provider like Inovis is a key element to the successful execution of our strategy and the achievement of our goals."

"Our work with Fairchild is a testament to Inovis' commitment to offering a comprehensive portfolio of business-to-business solutions that enable compliance with industry standards and optimize trading community connectivity," said Sean Feeney, president and CEO of Inovis.

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